Officers and Key Contacts

The following is a complete list of each Millbury Police Department member along with their email address and badge number.

Name & Rank Email Address Badge #
Chief Brian Lewos 1
Sergeant Stephen McFaul 301
Sergeant Paul Lemoine 302
Sergeant Kimberly Cadrin 303
Sergeant Christopher Polselli 304
Officer Nicole Oliveri 18
Officer Nicholas Fortunato 21
Detective Andrea Warpula 22
Officer Daniel Daly 23
Officer Frank Piscitelli III 24
Officer Robert Guyan 25
Officer Mathew McGrath 29
Officer Keith Gasco 31
Officer Jarrod Woeller 34
Officer Sean Maynard
Officer Michael Sutherland
Officer Timothy Dean 39
Officer Michael O’Leary
Officer Michael Reardon 41


Animal Control Officer:
Dan Chauvin